First Impressions: Titanfall 2 Beta


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Let me start off by saying that I love how open betas are becoming more and more common, especially with upcoming “triple A” titles. It’s even better when you don’t need to pre-order a game to participate in the beta. Since these games are expected to sell very well on day one, it’s a great way for developers to stress-test the multiplayer servers while adding even more hype to a game that’s already got a lot of hype behind it.

Even though I had very little interest in Titanfall 2, when its open beta went live,  I decided to give it a shot. Maybe I could be convinced to buy, y’know? Unfortunately, that will not be the case, at least not until its price drops. My issue is not that the game is bad, because it really isn’t. It’s just that, outside of some mobility options and being able to control a giant robot, the gameplay feels far too similar to Call of Duty: Black Ops III, a game that I have played near to the point of being sick of it. Because of this, I couldn’t bring myself to play more than the training mode and most of a multiplayer match, which probably isn’t that fair (and murders what little credibility I have). I spent a good half-hour playing the game before uninstalling it from my PS4.

Despite all of that, I have to commend the game on what I can see it doing right. The visuals are pretty stunning, the controls are familiar and smooth, and having different classes that you can customize are all features that are welcome. None of that can be ignored. I’m personally burnt-out on multiplayer military shooters.

I also think that I’ve been spoiled by Overwatch. Maybe I’ll talk about that in the future.


The Heir’s Odyssey

After 3 years that felt like 20, I have decided to make a return to writing reviews of video games. I talk about games a lot to my friends, and going in-depth with them is something I really enjoy. I feel that, because of how we discuss games, I should dive back in it.

I plan on making some changes regarding how I would go about reviewing. For example, I don’t want to put a number factor on the different aspects of a game’s design. I also plan to include game footage that I have captured myself, if I can. I’m very limited to doing so from my Playstation 4, but that is where I do most of my gaming, nowadays.

I shall get back into it, soon.