Enter The Gaming Madman

Hello there, Internet. My name is José Bell-Otero, but that’s not all that important. What’s important is that I love video games. I’m a gaming veteran that has been pushing those buttons, pulling them triggers, blowing into cartridges and looking up cheat codes since I was two years old. I am now 24, and I have built up many memories of games that are both good and bad. Hell, even the bad games have awesome memories tied to them.

It is time that I share my experiences in gaming by way of reviewing games. These games will come from my own personal collection or from my friends, as I like to borrow games at times. In my reviews, games will be judged on visuals (art style, detail, etc.), sound, gameplay and story – the standard stuff. I also plan to add something called “Gamechanger”. This is where I add a bit on how to get the most fun out of a particular game… and it may be at the expense of your friends liking you. This will be clear when I get around to it.

Now, just in case this hasn’t been made clear already, I’m not much of a writer. Also, things can get a little vulgar or batshit, especially if I’m passionate and/or baffled about something. Lastly, all my reviews will obviously be from my point-of-view, so feel free to share experiences. Hell, recommend games to me!

Thus ends my first entry. Stay tuned for my first review!