First Impressions – Injustice: Gods Among Us


I went in thinking that this game wasn’t going to be anything crazy good. I COULD NOT HAVE BEEN MORE WRONG. This is quite the impressive fighter. It’s incredibly easy to pick up and play, but difficult to master, just how a fighting game should be. The best part about this game is that every time you play it, you’re most likely to discover something new. Yes, the fighting mechanics are that deep even though the control scheme has been simplified when compared to the last game by developer, NetherRealm Studios, Mortal Kombat 9. Plus, you can interact with objects in the background and use them to attack and/or evade.

Probably the weakest part of the game that I’ve experienced so far has been the story mode. I’m not saying that it’s bad – it’s just that the story itself plays it safe. It feels like you’re watching a long episode of Justice League, which is just fine. I would much prefer this over a confusing story, which it seemed like it was trying to set up early on. Luckily, they went away from that. Also, to mix up the pacing of the mode, they added parts where you would do some quick time events in between the fighting and the cutscenes. Winning or losing determines the health of you and your opponent when the upcoming fight begins. These break up the pace pretty poorly. They’re very unexciting, and you just want them to be over with so you can get to the fighting.

Anyway, enough talk. The video below will do all of that for me.


Enter The Gaming Madman

Hello there, Internet. My name is José Bell-Otero, but that’s not all that important. What’s important is that I love video games. I’m a gaming veteran that has been pushing those buttons, pulling them triggers, blowing into cartridges and looking up cheat codes since I was two years old. I am now 24, and I have built up many memories of games that are both good and bad. Hell, even the bad games have awesome memories tied to them.

It is time that I share my experiences in gaming by way of reviewing games. These games will come from my own personal collection or from my friends, as I like to borrow games at times. In my reviews, games will be judged on visuals (art style, detail, etc.), sound, gameplay and story – the standard stuff. I also plan to add something called “Gamechanger”. This is where I add a bit on how to get the most fun out of a particular game… and it may be at the expense of your friends liking you. This will be clear when I get around to it.

Now, just in case this hasn’t been made clear already, I’m not much of a writer. Also, things can get a little vulgar or batshit, especially if I’m passionate and/or baffled about something. Lastly, all my reviews will obviously be from my point-of-view, so feel free to share experiences. Hell, recommend games to me!

Thus ends my first entry. Stay tuned for my first review!